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Commercial Rooftop | Brisbane

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Category: Commercial Fitout

Size: approx 810m2 
Architect: Mode Design
Construction Company: Cockram Construction
Installer: #1 Decks
Completion: 2017
Description: Large outdoor rooftop entertainment area. The design combined decking for raised viewing platforms, bench seating, ramps and steps with two tile colours selected for the flooring.
Challenges: Integration with a steel grillage system which required our framing to span 4.5m.
Solution: The QwickBuild modular framing system was selected as it's a completely integrated, combining decking and tiles.  ResortDeck was selected for the bench seating, steps and ramps. We used a 180mm bearer profile to achieve spans in excess of 4.5m
Outdure products: 
  • Structure: QwickBuild modular framing for all of the flooring, bench seating, ramps, steps and viewing platforms.
  • Decking: ResortDeck boards, Havana
  • Exterior Tiles: 600 x 600 x 20mm Mineral Structural Tiles Mist & Steel
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