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Taking care of and cleaning of your OUTDURE composite deck

Posted by Stevie van Heerden

18-Jun-2015 10:50:00


Your new composite deck from OUTDURE be it ECODECKING or RESORTDECK should provide years of enjoyment. It will never require staining, painting or refinishing. It will never spinter, crack or rott away like traditional wood decking materials.

However, composit decking products are not 100% maintenance free. A small amount of maintenance will go a long way to retain a fresh look of your deck.


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Building a deck? A few things to consider before you start

Posted by Stevie van Heerden

02-Dec-2014 16:27:00


Summer has finally arrived and that means decking season is in full swing.

Some of you might be considering building a deck to extending your outdoor living area or revitalising the old one. The decking market has changed quite a bit over the past few years, so it can get a little confusing with all the different types of decking available.

With a wide range of decking surfaces and sub-frames available on the market how would you know which would be best for your situation?




To help out, here are a few things to consider before you start:

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Topics: deck frame structure, deck construction, composite decking comparison, deck composite, decking prices, Building a deck

Composite decking and timber maintenance, what you need to know

Posted by Stevie van Heerden

07-Oct-2014 14:29:00

Composite decking maintenance

It’s that time of the year again people are firing up the barbecues and spending thier time in the summer sun. That means deck season is upon us and you might be thinking of adding a beautiful deck to your home, or maybe replacing an existing timber deck.

Many homeowners are unaware of the many hours involved in maintaining a wooden deck.

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Topics: compare timber vs composite decking

Introducing OUTDURE's new CAD selector tool and over a 100 updated CAD details.

Posted by Stevie van Heerden

28-Aug-2014 09:59:00

Specifying decking, especially when there is a membrane involved, can be high risk. At OUTDURE, we have streamlined this process to make it easier, faster and as stress-free as possible.

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Topics: deck board layout, Decking details, CAD

Membrane deck nightmares and critical information you need to know

Posted by Stevie van Heerden

05-May-2014 15:54:00

Constantly we see improvised design solutions for decking or tiles over waterproof membrane surfaces. Unfortunately these solutions don't last, and more often than not its contributed to incorrect installation.


Here is an example of a membrane deck that didn't have enough room to breathe.


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Topics: waterproof deck systems, membrane deck solutions, membrane deck, council requirments, decking issues

Building a floating deck over a membrane is simple, fast and affordable

Posted by Craig Fountain

16-Aug-2013 15:21:00


The concept is simple

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3 deck substructure frame material options to consider...

Posted by Craig Fountain

09-Aug-2012 00:44:00

outdure aluminium aluminum deck frame construction materials

Extending your outdoor living space with a deck can be an exciting venture. Unfortunately, with the excitement comes some complicated decisions that must be made before you begin. Questions like these need answers: 

  • should your deck be a DIY project or should you hire a professional?

  • what is the budget for your deck project?

  • what are the dimensions of your proposed deck frame design?

  • what  deck and frame material should you use?

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Topics: deck frame structure, pre fabricated, deck construction, decking kits, prefabricated building, prefabrication, pre-fabrication construction, decking material pricing, membrane deck, deck board layout, deck frame construction, deck frame design

Plastic decking vs hardwood timber decking: a simple comparison

Posted by lucy fountain

09-Aug-2012 00:27:00

Many homeowners opt for hardwood timber decking boards when they are making plans for a new deck for their home. However, there are many options for creating a beautiful deck for your home, including wood plastic composite decking or wpc for short, which is quickly coming to the forefront as the best choice among homeowners and builders alike.

plastic decking vs hardwood timber decking comparison

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The #1 impact on our earthquake rebuild you need to know about

Posted by Craig Fountain

26-Jul-2012 00:57:00

outdure earthquake prefrication system CHCH rebuild quickbuild construction materials resized 600

With over 30,000 tradesmen required for the Christchurch rebuild, what does this mean to you as an architect, engineer, drafty or builder? Budget blow outs and time delays?

Is the knowledge of a monumental labour shortage influencing how you specify products and systems for your projects in Christchurch? 

Our guess is the imbalance of supply and demand will force tradesmen's hourly rates to increase and make it hard to get the skilled tradesmen you need to achieve a quality finish, without further delays in project timelines.So, how can you minimize the impact to you and your clients projects budget, timeframes?

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Topics: construction efficiency, Christchurch rebuild, deck building materials, prefabricated building, prefabrication, pre-fabrication construction

6 critical considerations of hardwood decking timber prices you need know before

Posted by Craig Fountain

08-Jun-2012 15:00:00

outdure hardwood decking timber installation

Wow doesn't a wide board decking board look great. More and more architects, builders and homeowners are opting for wideboard decking boards over their narrow 90mm cousins.

So it is ok to do a straight swap from a 90mm to 140mm hardwood timber decking board? Before you race out and order your decking timber:

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