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Building a deck over concrete or pavers?

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  • OUTDURE Decking over concrete

Deck frame structures over concrete, tiles or pavers.

An effective way to cover up unsightly areas 

Decking over concrete, tiles or pavers can be an effective way to cover up unsightly areas without the need to remove the concrete or pavers first.

However, the most critical thing to check prior to deciding is whether to build your deck over the top, is to ensure the ground is solid and will not sink under load.


QWICKBUILD® deck frame sub-structure system

Our QWICKBUILD® deck frame system is designed as a direct result of customer demand for a suitable deck frame sub-structure system for use of concrete and paved areas in both residential or commercial application.

It allows the installer to achieve a level deck surface by installing straight over an existing concrete or paved area, without having to incur removal costs of the concrete/pavers. Its an ideal solution for earthquake ruined properties, where existing tiles, pavers or concrete has been damaged.

Please refer to our QWICKBUILD® section of our website or our installation guide for further information. 


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TIMBER deck frames

We do not recommend timber deck frame structures over concrete, tiles or pavers unless the area is very well ventilated and the timber deck frame can be restrained or fastened to the concrete.

OUTDURE does not provide advice on your timber substructure as it is best to be advised by your installer who understands your specific installation requirements better. However, we can supply some information for basic deck substructures in our "how to" install section.


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If you are planning, specifying or installing a deck over a substructure not mentioned, we strongly recommend you call us to get some expert advice on the best solution for your decking project. Hopefully we can achieve a better looking deck, plus save you time and money.