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Building a deck over dirt or soil?

Choose your substructure.                              

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Deck frame structures over soil or dirt.

Break the decades of traditional primitive deck construction, working with wet, heavy, warped, chemically soaked timber joists and bearers, and time intensive weather dependent installations.

What if:

- a decking subframe could be supplied as components, or kitset or pre manufactured in a factory and delivered to site just like aluminum joinery?

- a deck frame was light enough for 2-4 people to lift off a truck and position into place?

- the number of structural post and pile supports could be reduced by 30%?

- decking boards could to be installed using no screws or nails?

- A 25m2 deck installation including sub frame and decking board could be completed within 5 hours?

Introducing QWICKBUILD®, the world's most innovative deck frame system, the concept is simple.

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Replace the cost of installation time and poor quality materials in return for quality moisture resistant materials and speedy project completion PLUS the assurance your deck will stay straight and level.

It's hard to believe its packed with so many benefits. 

QWICKBUILD offers benefits unmatched by any other decking construction methods, such as low height, long span (up to 5m), high load substructure framework. It is unaffected by moisture offering vastly superior durability and dimensional stability compared to traditional timber pile, bearer, joist construction methods. 

QWICKBUILD has been designed and developed as a complete system intergrating with any of OUTDURE's ECO-DECKING composite decking board and accessories range, and also traditional timber decking boards. Yes, you read right!


Please refer to the QWICKBUILD® section for more information. 


Timber deck frame over soil.

For most decks, timber substructures are very basic, however on some decks they can get complex. OUTDURE does not provide advice on your timber substructure as it is best to be advised by your installer who understands your application better. However, we can supply some information for basic deck substructures in our how to install section.

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Steel structures offer benefits but also can create challanges, If you are planning, specifying or installing a deck of this kind, we strongly recommend you call us to get some expert advice on the best solution for your decking project. Hopefully we can achieve a better looking deck, plus save you time and money.