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High grade + slip resistant composite decking

A safe, smart choice for a natural finish that lasts.

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ECODECKING Composite decking overview


ECO-DECKING composite decking boards by OUTDURE are made from the highest grade recycled materials available. Remarkably the boards are non-slip* and do not splinter, making ECO-DECKING a safe, smart decking choice for your family and the environment. The boards are very easy care, the finish is stunning and feels great underfoot, the nature-inspired colour range is very colourfast, keeping your home looking fresh. ECO-DECKING is impressively fast and easy to install compared to traditional fixing methods. A smart range of concealed QWICKCLIP's fasten the boards to joists using up to 75% less fasteners. No nails, pre-drilling, punching required. ECO-DECKING composite decking can be fixed to traditional timber sub-frames or to OUTDURE’s revolutionary QWICKBUILD deck frame system. 

* ECO-DECKING composite wood plastic decking has the highest non-slip co-efficient rating, making it the perfect choice for daycares and resthomes.



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What is it made of?

ECO-DECKING is made of a proven composition of 50% recycled wood fibers and 50% UV resistant recycled polyethylene plastic. The recycled plastic component is what makes it so durable, virtually colour-fast, etc. It’s your best environmentally friendly choice. It does not contribute to illegal logging or deforestation. There’s no need for toxic stains or oils as with traditional decking. Because ECO-DECKING comes in perfect 4.8 metre lengths there is very little wastage compared to using traditional timber boards.

Inspired by nature, we have developed MIXDURE, our colour-mix technology to create a natural appearance. Additionally ECO-DECKING is not fixed using traditional methods. A smart range of concealed QWICKCLIP's fasten the boards to joists using up to 75% less fasteners. No nails, pre-drilling, punching required.

Please note: Not all decking boards are the same quality, ECO-DECKING is made of the highest grade recycled materials available.

Is it suitable for over waterproof membrane decks? 

Yes it is, OUTDURE has QWICKBUILD and QWICKGRATE to provide a solid structure to fasten boards to, whilst retaining access to drains and ventilation. It is one of the few systems that comply with local government regulations.

What happens to it over time? 

ECO-DECKING is incredibly colour fast compared to most other composite decking and traditional timbers. No painting, staining or oiling is required to retain its colour or to keep structural integrity. Expect an initial weathering period in the first 3-6 months, then gradual weathering in future years. Your deck can be revitalized periodically using OUTDURE care kit.

How does it compare in price to timber and other composite decking products?

ECO-DECKING is very cost-effective compared to traditional hardwood or bamboo decks once installed and more cost effective than most quality composites. MIXDURE offers a natural looking deck solution so you don’t have to settle for an artificial looking deck.

The cost of a deck is made up of: materials, installation, maintenance, plus the  unquantifiable value of aesthetics. ECO-DECKING is 60% wider than timber, it has 3-5 % less waste compared to timbers 15%. Add all of these plus the extra therefore requires 60% less labour, 60% less butt joints, 75% less fasteners, no pre-drilling, nailing, punching.  Savings on maintenance and ECO-DECKING is the smart, cost effective solution.

"Once I had calculated the total costs of using Kwila, it became very obvious that not only was ECO-DECKING a premium quality product, it was more cost effective once laid than hardwood." Ant Hassett, Homeowner, Omaha

Please refer to ECO-DECKING vs comparisons (click here) 



   ECODECKING  Composites  Timber
30 day money back guarantee
Free board design layout
Free expert decking project advice
Free expert installation details & advice
Fast stock availability  some
100+ comprehensive construction plans (CAD)
Suitable for residential, membrane & commercial
MIXDURE nature inspired colour mix options
Mix'n match profiles: 140mm wide, 25/30mm thick
Perfect 4.8m (or custom) lengths, hollow & solid some 
Safe - no splinters, nasty chemicals, no leeching some 
UV durable recycled PE (Grade 11 vs 1 & 2)
Eco-friendly & proven history (PVC free) some  some 
QWICKBUILD over membrane deck frame system
QWICKCLIP hidden fastener (no nails or screws) some 
QWICKCLIP - all clips fit all boards profiles
QWICKCLIP fast install - 75% less fasteners some 
Comprehensive install guides for all applications
Wide board profile = fast install some  some 
Network of ECOPRO installers
QWICKBUILD ventilation & access grates system
Easy care - low maintenance some 
No splinters or protruding nail/screw heads some 
UV resistant - very colourfast some 
10 year warranty some 
Council compliance      
Highest slip resistant co-efficient   -
Durability some 


When determining the most suitable deck frame and decking board materials for your project you have 3 key decisions:

Ensure your decking project is a success by choosing the correct:


  1. Deck frame structure

  2. Composite decking boards

  3. Decking board fasteners


Your decisions have a significant impact on:

  1. Total project cost > materials, installation, maintenance

  2. Time spent on site by the installers

  3. Immediate safety ie: slip resistance (dry/wet), splinters

  4. Maintenance needed to keep the deck safe

  5. Maintenance needed to keep the deck looking good. But most importantly,

  6. How your deck will look once finished, and in years to come. 



How does ECODECKING compare to traditional timber decking


Hardwood decking layout

Hardwood layout compared to composite decking



ECODECKING wood plastic composite layout (breaker board)

Composite decking board layout

 • 60% Wider than timber

 • 60% Savings on labour

 • 75% Saving on fasteners

 • 0-5% Waste ( timber 15 - 20 %)

 • No predrilling / nailing / punching

 • 10 Year warranty



1) Start here by determining the most suitable deck frame substructure for your project 

Or call us direct +64 9 280 3950 for advice on how to decide whats best for your project.