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We've made building a deck a whole lot easier

QWICKBUILD installation over membrane
QWICKBUILD installation over concrete
QWICKBUILD installation over soil or dirt

QWICKBUILD > Revolutionizing deck construction

The one and only council compliant solution for decking over membranes 

Replaces traditional building materials with marine grade aluminium frames
and stainless steel fasteners

100% unaffected by moisture offering vastly superior durability and dimensional stability 
compared to any other construction method

The system is extremely easy to use

Installation is significantly faster than traditional timber methods making it cost effective

Supplied as made-to-measure frames or kitset assembled on site

Spans 200% more than equivalent sized timber 

The number of structural post and pile supports are reduced by approximately 50% 

It cantilevers 50% of full span


The concept is simple

Break the decades of traditional primitive deck construction, working with wet, heavy, warped, chemically soaked timber joists and bearers, and time intensive weather dependent installations.

Replace the cost of long installation time and poor quality materials in return for quality moisture resistant materials and speedy project completion PLUS the assurance your deck will stay straight and level.

QWICKBUILD offers benefits unmatched by any other decking construction methods, such as low height, long span, high load substructure framework, plus it is perfect for use over waterproof membrane decks whilst allowing access and ventilation maintaining the membranes integrity. It is unaffected by moisture offering vastly superior durability and dimensional stability compared to any deck over membrane system or traditional timber pile, bearer, joist construction methods. 

QWICKBUILD has been designed and developed as a complete system intergrating with any of OUTDURE's ECO-DECKING composite decking board and accessories range, and also traditional timber decking boards and tiles.


Benefits include:

QWICKBUILD is the world’s first decking system to eliminate screws for fastening the decking boards to the deck frame

QWICKBUILD is supplied as either pre-assembled made to measure frames or kit set

QWICKBUILD offers benefits unmatched by any other decking construction methods, the moisture-proof deck frame is light weight, low height, and can span 200% further than timber

QWICKBUILD is perfect for re-builds in Christchurch. It is quick to install over existing cracked concrete-pavers or tiled areas and easily repositioned and levelled after subsequent earthquakes


Auckland builder Colin MacFadyen says that after getting frustrated with what moisture does to timber decks and frames, he was pleased to come across QWICKBUILD. “I’ve already installed it in six properties and I am stoked, and so are my clients. You wouldn’t expect it to compare in cost, but it’s simply a case of a well designed system, using better materials that are faster to install. So when you compare the QWICKBUILD deck system to a pine sub frame for the same cost, it’s a no-brainer.”


QWICKBUILD Sub-frame layout

Qwickbuild compared to traditional timber subframe construction



•  Slashes construction time

•  Moisture proof 

•  Equivalent cost to timber  structure once installed

•  QWICKBUILD requires 50% less piles

   - Joists & bearers span further
   - Cantilevers 50% of full span
   - Eliminate nogging