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Getting A Head Start On Your Outdoor Living Space This Winter!

Keeping your outdoor area in prime condition over winter is important to ensure that you’re ready to entertain over the warmer months in summer.


Heading into the cold and wet winter months, it’s easy to shut the patio door and just forget about your outdoor spaces until the weather starts to warm up again.

Your outdoor area doesn’t have to be locked away and forgotten over winter though. Just like the warmer months of summer, your outdoor living space could be a prime location over the cooler winter months if you take the time to prepare it correctly.

Make the most of your outdoor living space this winter and turn it into a deliciously cozy and romantic destination for you and your family. Outdure has an extensive range of outdoor solutions that will help make your outdoor area a destination all year round!


Below are some great ideas to make your outdoor living area a little more inviting this winter!

1. Plant Something New

Speak to experts around your area and find out if there are any plants or flowers which thrive in your area over winter. It’s a common misconception that winter is a bad time to plant anything, but that’s not always true. A splash of colour is a great way to brighten up an outdoor living area over the cooler, darker winter months.

2. Warm Up Your Outdoor Area

Fire pits are becoming an increasingly popular way to turn an outdoor area into a hub of activity over those long, cold and dark winter nights. Romantic nights drinking a glass of wine around a fire will help to break up those monotonous winter months. If the fire isn’t your thing, then a patio heater is a great way to heat up smaller areas such as outdoor lounges or dining tables. Focus on heating smaller central areas like seating and tables rather than heating the entire outdoor area.

3.Lock Out The Wind and Water

Rain and wind will quickly drive anyone indoors over the cold winter months. A roof will protect you from most rain, but patio blinds are great for protecting you from the driving wind. It’s also a great way to keep your deck and patio furniture out of the wet and damp winter weather, as well as the sunlight over summer.

4. Think About Lighting

Warm and bright lights will help to make your outdoor area more enticing over the cool winter months. Warm LED lighting is not only more energy efficient; it’s also a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

5. Think About Your Décor

Deck chairs and sun lounges are great for summer, but over winter you’ll need some outdoor furniture which is a little cozier. Look for outdoor couches and lounges which you can snuggle into and even consider adding some floor rugs, throw blankets and cushions.

By getting your outdoor area ready for winter before the rain, wind and cold sets in, you’ll be better prepared to stick out the cooler months and take advantage of your outdoor area all year round.

Don’t let leaves and other debris build up in gutters and on your deck over winter. Regular cleaning will prevent damage. Store that summer furniture away undercover out of the elements, and it will ready to pull out once the sun comes out!

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