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5 most common myths about composite decking you need to know

Common composite decking myths you need to know...

1- Good quality composite decking is "no maintenance" - INCORRECT.

Good quality composite decking is "low maintenance". There is no such product as no maintenance when it comes to decking. Just think, if you parked your car and left it for 5 yrs what it would look like?

2- Composite decking will not grow mould or mildew - INCORRECT.

It will still grow mould, especially if in damp environments with little direct sunlight.  Any surface exposed to moisture and air born particles such as pollen will grow green gunge. Even a deck made of stainless Steel, glass or teflon will grow unwanted grime.

3- All decking composites are environmentally friendly - INCORRECT.

A smaller percentage of all composite manufacturers use environmentally friendly materials. There are a lot of composite manufacturers that use virgin polymers in their manufacturing processes. Materials such as PVC's are definately not environmentally friendly. Using recyled materials is not the only environmental iniatives a composite manufacturer should be practicing.

4- Composite decking does'nt fade - INCORRECT

All composite decking fades. Even two pot enamel paint used on cars fades, so how can a recycled plastic product be expected to be 100% colourfast? Most composites have a process that occurs within the first 3 months (depending on exposure to the elements) where the excess pigments from manufacturing are released causing a small amount of colour loss. These pigmenst are neglible and do not stain like a hardwoods sap or oil.

5- Composite decking does not shrink or move once laid. - kind of INCORRECT.

Any composite decking will expand and contract, its really just a matter of how much it expands and contracts and at what temperatures. For most composite decking there is neglible expansion and contraction in the width of the board, however the expansion and contraction occurs in the length of the board. Shrinkage on the other hand is a different issue. Quality composite decking should very very minimal shrinkage if manufactured correctly. Visit for detailed information about expansion and contraction and shrinkage in composite decking.

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