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The Best Composite Decking Brands




The Best Composite Decking Brand of 2023

Building a deck can be an exciting – and stressful – time. A well-built deck can add significant value to your property but if it hasn’t been built using materials that can stand the test of time, it can actually detract from the value.

When people think about building a deck, quite often the focus is on the final product – the visual effect of the design. But it’s just as important to devote as much attention to the subframe. It’s not as glamorous, but the subframe is the part of the structure that gives strength and durability. Some composite decking brands are all about selling the surface and leaving the subframe as an afterthought.

Various decking brands rely on traditional subframe techniques that use timber. But timber rots easily, it’s destroyed by termites and can actually become quite dangerous as moisture settles in.

Outdure has recognised this problem, accepted the challenge and gone back to the drawing board. Rather than relying on the same old, Outdure engineers created a unique, patented system that can be used on a range of surfaces – from concrete to paving, turf to natural ground. It can be used with or without a waterproof membrane and can even incorporate several surface materials into one smooth, continuous deck. Outdure has even delivered this impressive Qwikbuild modular decking system as an eco-friendly alternative whilst reducing the amount of waste produced.

Of all the decking brands available in 2023, this solution-focused and environmentally conscious brand is the most innovative and offers astounding products, delivering excellent results every time.

Composite Decking Brands – Making Decking Simpler

Outdure is one of the best composite decking brands of 2023. Featured on The Block, they were the decking brand of choice to create a 1.5km deck! And while building a deck can become complex and tricky as the number of different elements increases, the magnitude of this task is astounding. No other composite decking brands have shown they have what it takes to deliver professional results on that scale.

Building large, or even complex, decks can take a lot of planning to execute perfectly. But Outdure has risen to the occasion and demonstrated that their precision measurements, patented subframe technique and organisation can accomplish these projects easily.

When it comes to a variety of colours, textures and materials, Outdure has it covered. They offer such a wide range of deck tiles in NZ that they’ve proved to be one of the best composite decking brands for all your decking needs. And with a finger on the pulse of current architectural trends, Outdure has even created a way for you to design organic curved decks, for a modern, natural and luxurious deck area. The team can even help you incorporate stairs and ramps for accessibility.

They really do have it all.

The Service Beyond The Products

Outdure doesn’t rank as one of the best composite decking brands of 2023 simply because of its product range. It goes much further than that. They offer end-to-end access to professional designers, and ongoing guidance throughout your project as well as video tutorials, installation guides and more. All are included for free as part of the amazing customer service.

As you research decking brands, you’ll find the free visualisation tools available with Outdure give you all the information you need to finalise your design and, with an estimation tool built-in, you can plan your budget accordingly. They also offer a no-obligation quotation at the beginning of your project and a free consultation to discuss your aims and options.

Outdure has thought of everything, making them the frontrunner for the best composite decking brand of 2023.

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