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The Best Composite Decking Subframes of 2022




Best Subframe For Composite Decking

There are three main materials used for building a subframe for composite decking. And while it might seem that the closest to hand will do, each of these materials comes with its own pros and cons. The best material for your composite deck subframe will most likely be influenced by the strength of the material, the cost, and the complexity of installation.

The strength of the composite decking material translates directly into your safety. A material that is known to weaken over time has the potential to cause greater expense in the future through maintenance and repairs. Knowing the relative cost upfront will enable you to have greater control over your budget and if the installation is a complex task, it may cost you more to have a professional take care of the job.

Here we’ll take a look at each material, and assess its strengths and weaknesses as a decking frame. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a better idea of which material will suit your needs the best.

The Wooden Subframe For Composite Decking

Wooden subframes have been the favoured option for years due to the wide availability of resources and the relatively low cost. If the subframe is used with suitably thick pieces of wood, then it is indeed a sturdy structure too. Some species are more termite and rot-resistant, such as Cedar and Ironbark, or even pressure-treated Pine.

However, of all the options for your composite deck subframe, wood is the least durable. It’s known to rot – even if all the steps are taken to delay the process it will still happen within 10-15 years. Though it may be the cheapest upfront cost, you might want to consider the long-term implications of opting for a wooden subframe for composite decking.

In terms of installation speed, this can be done quickly – but does require some specialised tools that you may not have readily available.

The Aluminium Subframe For Composite Decking

Aluminium offers incredible strength and resistance to the elements, meaning it lasts much longer than the wooden subframe. Even though it still expands and contracts, as a metal, the visual implications are minimal and therefore hardly noticeable at all. The initial costs are more than building a wooden subframe but will last for around 20-30 years before showing signs of wear.

When it comes to installing an aluminium subframe for composite decking, the brackets and screws are measured with precision. It’ll take a little bit longer to assemble, compared with other materials but gives far more structural integrity, endurance and strength.

The Composite Subframe For Composite Decking

Composite material never rots and it should last around 20 years before an upgrade is recommended. A good quality material that costs a little more is far preferable to cheap material that isn’t as strong. It’ll last much longer and be safer for day-to-day use.

It’s easier to work with than aluminium but still provides a precision framework. Each piece connects specifically to another, but the material is soft enough that screws go in much easier. However, this also means that it is structurally weaker than a metal frame, and more supports will be required to ensure it can withstand daily use.

Check out Outdure’s product guide for further information on the materials available for your composite decking subframe, and how to find the solution that’s right for you. You can even request free samples before you begin your project, simply reach out to us by phone or by completing this form.

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