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Designing a Rooftop Decking Space

If you have a suitable rooftop space, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful rooftop deck to maximise on its value and functionality. Creating a rooftop deck involves both technical and structural design and architectural considerations. Until recently, options have been limited when it comes to specifying a system for rooftop decking.

Outdure have designed and developed a leading exterior flooring system that is ideal for rooftop decking spaces. QwickBuild Aluminium Deck Sub-Frame System is the only system available that provides strong, durable structures with low height capabilities to support composite decking or hardwood timber decking, exterior tiles, synthetic turf or a combination. Ideal for new or remedial projects over natural ground, concrete pads, existing pavers, or waterproof membranes.

How Does QwickBuild Work and what are the Benefits?

QwickBuild is a floating structural system, which means that for projects installed over waterproof membranes (such as rooftop decking), the system does not penetrate or compromise the substrate, therefore minimising the risk of future moisture issues often associated with previous construction methods. Rooftop decking projects are typically repurposed, underutilised spaces which once developed, increase the property value. The installation time of constructing rooftop decking spaces with QwickBuild is significantly reduced and there is minimal waste; it is long-lasting and low maintenance – making QwickBuild a very cost-effective solution.

The proprietary system can be supplied as kit-set or prefabricated modules. The structure comprises of a suite of patented joists and bearers designed to suit all deck heights from the ultra-low 71mm to over 3m. The profiles are manufactured from lightweight structural aluminium with marine-grade anodized or powder-coated finish and are supplied with all necessary fastening and support components + additional accessories.

Outdure also supplies contemporary ranges of stylish, durable surfaces that integrate perfectly with the QwickBuild system using patented hidden fastenings as a complete solution under one warranty.

• ResortDeck capped composite
• ResortDeck Capped Composite Recycled Decking Boards
• CasaDeck Composite Recycled Decking Boards
• Exterior Structural Porcelain Tiles: StoneInspire and Mineral
• UltraPlush Durable Synthetic Turf Range

Alternatively, independent decking (including hardwood timber decking), tiles, or turf can be supported with QwickBuild if desired.

(For a complete list of QwickBuild components, please refer to The QwickBuild and Outdure Surfaces Catalogues).

Why Choose QwickBuild?

QwickBuild has unmatched features and benefits for deck structures under 400mm in height. These particularly pertain to areas where deck structures are built over a waterproof membrane – including rooftop spaces and apartment balconies.

The solutions provided by the QwickBuild system offer the following benefits:

1. The range of engineered profiles enable it to support multiple surfaces on an even, flush plane with the interior floor level.
2. Ideal to position over waterproof membrane for a non-penetrative, floating solution, it is a superior choice to maintain waterproofing than alternative construction methods.
3. The Global Green Tag certified marine-grade aluminium frames are low maintenance long term (won’t rot or warp like timber).
4. Durable, lightweight, moisture-proof, and stable.
5. Cost-effective, sustainable solution.
6. Versatile to accommodate configurations at various heights, span and engineering requirements.
7. QwickBuild is the only system which enables you to integrate multiple different surface types (tiles, timber or composite decking, and turf). This means that you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics and – you may use different surfaces to define areas on your rooftop.
8. Integrate with QwickGrates into the surface layout (same dimensions as ResortDeck) for ventilation and access for services, drains, etc.

Outdure for Unparalleled Service

Outdure’s value-added service takes you throughout the entire project process from initial concept to completion. This includes providing you with construction drawings for your design for everything from commercial rooftops to residential spaces, care facilities, and much more.

Some Key Rooftop Deck Projects at Outdure

We were delighted to provide value and solutions for The Block 2019 Courtyard and Rooftop Deck Weeks. Using QwickBuild to support ResortDeck and our exterior tile and turf ranges, stunning results were achieved using an array of decking solutions, including the delineation of areas with a combination of flooring solutions.

Just a few of our recent commercial, aged care and multi-residential rooftop projects include:

• Daisho House, Brisbane Stage 1 & 2 – Commercial fit-out
• The Burcham Apartments, Sydney – Shared space
• Coles Mulgrave – Commercial fit-out
• Element Apartments, Auckland – Shared space
• The Henderson Apartments, Sydney – Shared space
• Kippax Street Apartments Sydney – Shared space
• Sky Waikiki Rooftop Bar, Hawaii – Hospitality space
• Aecom House, Auckland – Commercial fit-out
• Multiple Ryman Health Care Complexes – Shared resident spaces including lawn bowl facilities constructed over a carpark podium
• Victoria Legal Aid, Melbourne – Commercial refit
• Air New Zealand Premises – Shared commercial space
• Knox College, Sydney – Student space constructed over a membrane podium tennis court
• B:Hive Development, Auckland – Hospitality space over carpark podium
• Barangaroo House – Hospitality area over curved membrane

Green Tag™ Certification

Green Tag™ is an independent, third-party green building certification and product rating system. Developed exclusively by ecospecifier (a global eco-products knowledgebase providing information to facilitate the design of eco-preferable buildings, interiors, infrastructure and landscapes), it is a revolutionary, advanced and robust Life Cycle Assessment methodology which is underpinned by rigorous scientific processes.

When a product is awarded a Green Tag™ ecolabel rating, it is positioned within the top tier of the green product market and is among the world’s best eco products. It has passed the world’s most rigorous standards for eco-performance, safety, and health.

Outdure’s QwickBuild framing has recently been awarded Green Tag™ Certification.

This means that choosing QwickBuild for your rooftop deck can help you achieve the green rating you need for your project, positioning you as a leader in sustainability.

Choose Outdure for your Rooftop Deck!

Our QwickBuild rooftop decking solutions deliver a single system for both surfaces and structure, streamlining your processes in a cost-efficient way with outstanding results.

Outdure is the ideal solutions provider for all of your rooftop decking needs in Australia and NZ.


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