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Building a deck? A few things to consider before you start

Your new composite deck from OUTDURE be it EcoDecking or ResortDeck should provide years of enjoyment. It will never require staining, painting or refinishing. It will never splinter, crack or rot away like traditional wood decking materials.

However, composite decking products are not 100% maintenance free. A small amount of maintenance will go a long way to retain a fresh look of your deck.


Routine cleaning

Prevention is better than a cure. Clean your deck every six months to ensure that pollen and organic debris don’t settle on the deck. Spray off the surface with a garden hose. Use warm soapy water along with a non-metal scrubbing brush.

To remove leaves and other organic materials with a broom.

Leaves, seed and pollen can settle between the gaps of the boards and clog up the gaps. Water then pools up and seeps into the debris causing a “tea” or tannin that may stain the deck. Plus this debris is an ideal food source for mold. Keeping the gap clean is the easiest way to prevent these issues. If deck gaps become clogged, use a garden hose to remove the debris. Tools like a spatula or putty knife could work well but may scratch the deck. Use them carefully.

Mould and mildew

To thrive mold needs moisture and temperatures between 0 and about 30 degrees. OUTDURE composite decking is not a food source for mold but it can collect food in the form of pollen, dirt and debris from the overflow of pot plants and gutters.

To prevent mild on your deck regular cleaning is often needed (minimum of twice yearly is recommended). Remove the molds food source such as leaves, potplant overflow and debris that might have found its way on to the deck from gutters.

If mold is present you can use a product like Wet and Forget®. It is specially formulated to remove mold, mildew and gunge that might be found on your deck.

Water blasting

OUTDURE does not recommend the use of a high powered water blaster. If a water blaster is to be used on an OUTDURE deck use extreme caution.

Any water blaster with a greater than 1500 PSO and/or applied closer than 15cm from the deck surface.

Water blasting is not recommended if mould or mildew is present on the deck.

Food and drink stains

Decks are made to be enjoyed so food and drink stains cant be avoided where barbecue sauce is usually the culprit. Clean up the mess as soon as possible. In most cases, warm soapy water or a mild household cleaner will usually do the trick.

Scuffs and abrasions and rust stains

OUTDURE composite decking is designed to retain its fresh look, obviously, if furniture etc. is dragged over any surface it will leave some kind of marking. In the case of EcoDecking the surface may be revitalised if need be with the OUTDURE Revitalising Wire Brush.

Depending on the surface finish your product has, rust stains can be removed by light brushing.

The surface finish you achieve is entirely up to the technique and pressure you use.

Practice your resurfacing technique on a scrap piece of decking before trying to resurface an area in the middle of your deck.

In the case of RESORTDECK, the wire brush is not advised because it might damage the outer layer of the decking board. OUTDURE recommends the use of the OUTDURE Wax Care Kit to cover up those unsightly marks.

If you follow these few tips you can expect your deck to stay fresh for far longer. For more information on deck care and maintenance visit our care and clean page on our website or contact us directly.

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