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Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

One of the best things about living in Australia is our ideal climate for embracing the outdoors and the ability to create a resort-like home, bringing the outdoors in via an outdoor room. Your home is your haven, and with some creative expression and the best outdoor decking products available, it’s not difficult to bring your vision to life for a personalised outdoor living space that is beautiful and functional for relaxation, comfort and entertaining.

Outdoor entertainment space
You can check out this outdoor entertainment space here.

The key to a perfect outdoor room is to blur the line between indoors and outdoors, allowing a natural flow between the two to open your home and take advantage of all its potential. This can be achieved in several ways, including:

  • Transitioning naturally between the indoors and the outside room
  • Continuing your colour scheme and design aesthetic with furnishings and décor, reflecting the inside style and décor outside
  • Installing a covered patio or pergola
  • Installing glass doors to link the two areas for an open flow
  • Drawing the eye with feature lighting
  • Featuring plenty of greenery with potted plants or raised garden walls
  • Facilitating warmth in winter (fire pit or fireplace) and cool in summer (ceiling fans, evergreen canopy trees)
  • Installing weather-resistant shades or blinds to maximise usability in all conditions

First and foremost, to create a stunning outdoor room, you need to lay the right foundation…

Outdoor fire place
Fireplace adds warmth in winter

Your Foundation: Outdoor Decking

The primary, and perhaps most effective, single way to link your outdoor room with your interiors is to have a seamless flow between the two, and this is best achieved by laying the right foundation: your floors.

By using the same flooring inside and outside, the eye will be drawn outside, and the outside will be brought in. This is even more effective when wall barriers between the two areas are openable glass and flush thresholds.

Outdure decking solutions which can also be pleasing both to the eye and underfoot, providing a natural and classic yet contemporary result. They are also great in terms of durability, maintenance, and suitability for everyone, including kids and pets.

Your Perfect Outdoor Room – How Outdure can Deliver

Outdure is very proud to offer an array of premium decking solutions which help create your perfect outdoor room. From design to manufacture and distribution and installation, we are your one-stop decking expert. We have revolutionary solutions that tick all your boxes.

Things to consider when choosing your decking include:

    1. Longevity

    You naturally want a deck that is built to last. Outdure’s ResortDeck is resistant to moisture, mould, and UV – so it is durable and will not rot, fade, or be damaged due to weather conditions.  It is also suitable for kitchen applications where spills are inevitable and will withstand heavy use as well as kids and pets- so is ideal for entertaining.

    1. Low maintenance, hassle-free

    Our ResortDeck (composite decking) and exterior tile ranges are low-maintenance solutions for your home. They don’t require extensive cleaning or upkeep and you have the freedom to enjoy your pace without concerns about ongoing maintenance.

    1. Adds Value – aesthetically appealing

    Choose a decking solution that is on-trend but will not date! Outdure has the colours and textures to complement the style of your home. This can only add value that lasts.

    1. Indoor/outdoor flow

    Our products are made to work inside as well as outside so that you can create an extension that flows naturally from your existing home. One example of this is our Qwickbuild, product, which allows a seamless indoor and outdoor flow for beauty and cohesion.

    1. Eco-friendly

    We are proud to offer environmentally-sustainable decking solutions, with products made from 95% recycled, recyclable materials so that you can feel good about your footprint on the planet when you build your outdoor room with us at Outdure. We are so committed to this that our QwickBuild® has been certified with the global Greenstar rating.

Seamless indoor/outdoor flow

Use greenery in your outdoor room

Choose Outdure

For stunningly beautiful and functionally unparalleled outdoor decking solutions, look no further than Outdure. We have a wide array of decking, tiles and synthetic turf ranges to suit all budgets and architectural styles. The surface ranges can be installed using traditional methods such as timber, sub-frame for the decking boards or all surfaces can easily be installed onto Outdure’s QwickBuild framing system – because every great home starts with a strong structure.

To discover how we can help you realise your vision for your perfect outdoor room, simply call us on 1800 954 245 or email

We look forward to working with you to make your dream a reality!


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