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QWICKMIX Structural Polymer

 For deck, tile and turf


With UltraShield® 4th Generation

All Outdure products are designed, developed & selected with an emphasis on style, durability & easy maintenance. ResortDeck with 4th Generation UltraShield technology combines the natural beauty & matte finish of a freshly oiled hardwood timber deck with the added benefits of being extremely durable, virtually colourfast, dimensionally stable & easy to maintain.


The board core is made from 95% recyclable materials including highly density polyethylene & wood fibres. The co-extruded polymer shield completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection that makes the boards impervious to moisture, gives superior UV protection + scratch, fade & mould resistance. ResortDeck boards are splinter-free, do not leech & the need for staining, oiling & painting is eliminated. The subtle colour variation is the result of a colourmix technology making every board unique. The 2800mm length boards are efficient for transportation & help combat expansion & contraction. The staggered, ‘rustic’ board layout is visually pleasing, as breaker boards are generally not required.Available in six natural colours & finishes to complement all styles of architecture from modern to classic. The boards are available in solid & hollow profiles suitable for commercial & residential applications


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Why Choose CasaDeck?

  • uv resistant
    To protect your deck from
    colour fading.
  • durable
    Superior fade, stain, scratch
    and mould resistant.
  • recycled core
    Made from carefully selected
    recycled and recyclable wood
    fibres and polymers.
  • fast effecient installation
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    do eiusmod tempor.
  • moisture resistant
    Ultrashield® 4th generation composite decking technology encapsulates the entire board surface.
  • warranty
    Industry-leading comprehensive 10 year limited warranty
  • 1 / 6

Outdure Projects

We can assist with large complex commercial projects to smaller residential renovations. From simple board orders to a complete surface and frame solution. Recent projects include hospitality, aged care facilities, universities, balcony remedial work, multi-residential, resorts and childcare.

Value & Efficiency

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1 Daysper project
Resortdeck + Qwikbuild Eco-Decking Classic on Qwikbuild
ResortDecking2 hours
Qwikbuild2 hours
Installation4 hours
Total8 hours
Ultra low-height subframe
min 71mm
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Resortdeck® + Timber Framing
4 Daysper project
TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCTION Processes & the time required to build your deck
ResortDecking16 hours
Qwikbuild8 hours
Installation16 hours
Total40 hours
Timber deck height
min 150mm
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*Prices are for demonstration purposes and are based on a 30m2 deck measurement. Qwickbuild is priced by m2 as a complete decking system that includes all fixings and required components. For a more comprehensive quote, click here.

Recent Projects

The Palette & Surface finishes are engineered for superior scratch & fade resistance + low maintenance. The natural, subtle colour variation is the result of colourmix technology making every board unique
We recommend you visit one of our showrooms and obtain a free sample to match accurately to your colour scheme. Our sales & design consultants can also offer an expert opinion on what colour suits your environment & design.

Video Resources

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  • QWICKBUILD on concrete
    QWICKBUILD on concrete
  • QWICKBUILD Tiles over a waterproof membrane
    QWICKBUILD Tiles over a waterproof membrane


  • “We were blown away with the new, premium Resortdeck range. The five different colours spanned from a light grey through to a chocolate brown, each packed full of texture and grain variation, creating an amazingly authentic-looking board. We're stoked with the end result and can't wait for the other two decks to be finished. The Havana boards are beautiful and look so natural that visitors have automatically assumed it's kwila"

    The Block 2012 Winner
    Ben Crawford

Starting your project

From calculating quantities for an instant board order, through to technical advice on complex projects, we can help with all aspects of your project.

    We will listen to your requirements & work to your budget to maximise your outdoor living space. Extra details such as seating areas, planter boxes & screening can be added.
    The design will be accompanied with a price estimate including all necessary materials required, including the sub-structure, grates & accessories.
    Simple board orders can be expected as quickly as the next working day. For QwickBuild projects, once the concept design, dimensions & materials are approved, we will be in contact to confirm delivery & liaise with your installer.
    Each delivery comes with pre-assembly information including comprehensive installation & care guides to ensure your product is installed correctly to meet warranty requirements.

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