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Hospitality Membrane | Barangaroo House

Category: Restaurant Fitout

Size: approx 370m2 
Architect: H&E Architects
Construction Company: Calida
Installer: #1 Decks
Completion: end 2017
Description: Barangaroo House is the new, beating heart of Sydney’s latest harbourside quarter - a dramatic property that houses two amazing deck areas, the outdoor dining area at the contemporary restaurant (Bea) and an unsurpassable rooftop cocktail and champagne bar (Smoke). 
Challenges: Finding an exterior flooring system that would not penetrate or compromise the waterproof membrane over time, and can work to very low-heights (71mm) to provide a flush solution with the interior, and could be used with hardwood. Needed to be engineered to accomodate large outdoor furniture that had been custom designed for the cocktail rooftop.
Solution: The QwickBuild modular framing system was selected as it is the best system to be installed on a waterproof membrane in low-height scenarios. It does not penetrate the membrane in any way, providing a very low risk installation. QwickBuild is a system that can be engineered to accomodate most scenarios
  • Structure: QwickBuild system