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How to select the right composite decking brand for you!

Firstly find a brand with an international proven track record and one that has a comprehensive website about the product. Ensure they have technical information easily available and thorough technical support.

Pick a specialist company

There are many advantages when choosing a company that specialises in composite decking rather than one that has simply added a composite product into a range of other products such as tools or other random products they import and distribute.  Decking markets in the US, Canada and Europe have proven that companies who focus on manufacturing and distributing composites are far more reliable for supply, quality, price and support and they generally have a network of installation contractors to recommend.

Do your homework

Local building merchants have tried to import cheap unbranded product, then brand it themselves, with no great success. They have problems around technical information, support and offering warranties. Ensure you choose a brand that has sold a significant amount of product for a long period of time and that the product is proven to be suitable for the climate where you  live. Look for a brand with a range of profiles and colours, this normally means they have a greater depth of knowledge about the product.

Warranty is not king

Obviously you should look for a brand that has a warranty, but more importantly look for a brand that will still be alive at the end of the warranty period. There are a number of copycat composites imported by various companies that have no intention of standing by the warranty they offer as the company may not be around in 5 or 10 years if issues arise. This is typical from companies who don't specialise in composites and are merely adding a composite decking range onto other products they import and sell.

Information is king

Good brands have; clear installation and specification information for you, your architect and your builder, in depth knowledge about the product and its attributes, and offer strong technical support. If a brand has a network of contractors, it is a clear indication that the trade are happy to use the product and have confidence in it themselves. This service is particularly helpful if you need someone familiar with the product for your installation.

In summary

Choose your composite brand carefully, ensure you make your decision based on the attributes described above and you should not go wrong.

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