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Tips and Feedback from Installers and Architects who have used QwickBuild

When it comes to a decking area most people refer to what type of material you use on the surface, and little thought is given to the frame and what is underneath. Just like building a house, the frame structure is one of the most important components in the build to ensure longevity and strength. It is no different when it comes to building an outdoor space. whatever decking material you use, to have a beautiful straight deck, it really comes down to the structure and what lays beneath the surface that ensures you have a quality result!

QwickBuild is a deck framing system that was developed due to a gap in the market – The need for ensuring perfectly straight, low maintenance, decks made from moisture-proof materials designed for the outdoors that continue to look beautiful for years to come. We took the liberty to talk to some of our installers, end-users, and architects that have used Outdure, to bring you the lowdown on the features, benefits, and tips to installing QwickBuild.

Our most frequently asked question is: What are the key benefits of QwickBuild?

Speed of Install

  • “It’s all in the name QwickBuild – it is so fast and easy to install, once your head is around how it works it takes you 50% of the time to build the deck frame.” James Durance, Licenced Builder, Durance Construction“
  • It’s speed, I can frame up a deck in 2-3 hours (depending on size), that is really fast and it is so simple and easy to put together.” Martin Urban, Owner/Director, NFL Construction
  • PO Box Designs installed 420m2 of QwickBuild on a membrane podium in just three days with four carpenters for the recent Knox College rooftop refit.

You Can’t Get A More Straight Deck!

  • “It’s so fast and easy to install, yet the quality is exceptional; it is genius! A timber frame warps and moves, but QwickBuild ensures a perfectly straight deck that doesn’t move.” Corban, Alex & Corban Build
  • “QwickBuild gives you a better-quality finish and look that is consistent, because it is so straight. “I went back to a job I didn’t win with a builder (100 decks), he was extremely unhappy with the workmanship of the standard decks build with timber, you just get a consistent quality finish with QwickBuild.” Martin Urban, Owner/Director, NFL Construction

Low Maintenance

  • “One of the reasons we picked QwickBuild for our rooftop deck is its extremely low maintenance. Timber frames can get damp, wet, and eventually rot away, whereas this is lightweight aluminium yet very strong.” John Ferres, Senior Associate at Scott Carver Architects
  • “It is aluminium, so low to no maintenance at all. The frame is never going to fail you and no need for screws or nails sticking out of the board.” Martin Urban, Owner/Director, NFL Construction

Adjustable & Flexible

  • “It’s perfect for a deck over concrete or membrane and is very easy and flexible; you just wind up the jacks to any height.” James Durance, Licenced Builder, Durance Construction.
  • The great thing about QwickBuild is it can be adjusted to any height from very low to 3m, making it easy to use for any outdoor area from balconies, rooftop decks to outdoor rooms.
  • “You can go to a very low height, particularly over a membrane on a high rise building, (where) you don’t have a lot of height and not a lot of fall, so you need something that has strength.” Martin Urban, Owner/Director, NFL Construction
  • “I liked the fact that it was aluminium (not timber), so wouldn’t get water damage long-term. I also needed the flexibility to go to really low heights, so it made QwickBuild an obvious choice as it is the only system that is maintenance-free and went to extremely low heights.” John Ferres, Senior Associate at Scott Carver Architects

Flush Indoor-Outdoor Flow

  • “Another benefit is the indoor and outdoor flow – we had clients that needed a wheelchair, we were able to make this dead flush so easily.” James Durance, Licenced Builder, Durance Construction
  • “Continuous flow from indoor to outdoor was extremely important in the design of our outdoor area” Alex, Alex & Corban Build
  • “We needed a solution that was flush, so no transition from floor to patio” Emma Todd, Architect from Boffa Miskell

Versatile with Surfaces

Let’s face it; there are not many decking systems that can easily integrate different surfaces so easily and seamlessly, leaving you with many design options.
QwickBuild easily integrates with exterior tiles, composite decking, hardwood decking, or artificial turf. This design element is a key reason we are often specified for commercial rooftop communal areas.

  • “Using the one decking system that could integrate the different surfaces, was so easy. Integrating the different surfaces, using tile and decking in combination, is a great design aspect of this rooftop space as it helps define the different spaces.” John Ferres, Senior Associate at Scott Carver Architects
  • Check out how the contestants on The Block 2019 integrated the different surfaces using QwickBuild in their outdoor areas here.

Is QwickBuild Expensive?

At the onset, it is often hard to compare prices of one deck to another. There are so many aspects to consider. But here is what some of our customers have feedback on the value that ultimately saves money in the long run.

  • “Once you understand it, it is so much faster to install, and time is money. A deck I am building would take me two-three days to build a timber frame – I can get it done in a day with Outdure – so days of savings in wages and better still I get a dead level deck.”
  • James Durance, Licenced Builder, Durance Construction“What’s interesting is that while it might initially seem on the more expensive side, by the time I added in time to install, lifetime maintenance, quality, and strength, as ultimately, you are getting a perfectly straight deck. It is actually much better value for money than any other deck framing system or product in the market,” says Corban

Some Tips for Installing QwickBuild

While QwickBuild is easy and fast to install, we still ask what some of the top tips are you can provide for those installing a QwickBuild decking frame system. Here are some of our favourite tips:

  • You can hide services under it. “ While you can raise the floor up to match the indoor-outdoor flow. Our customer had an outdoor BBQ and planter boxes, so it allowed us to hide and run electrical, water, and gas in the underneath cavity.” James Durance
  • “Don’t screw down joist to the bearer until you have laid your tiles out. Once you have the row in place then you fix the joist, not before. Screw it as you go per row.” Martin Urban

If you are after a deck frame system that is easy and quick to install and sets the foundation for a perfectly straight, beautiful and low maintenance deck, then contact us today about QwickBuild. We will help you through any queries you have and help design your dream deck today.


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