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Auckland, New Zealand

When it comes to apartment living there is nothing like a friendly, open communal living space where everyone can enjoy the outdoors. However, often in older apartment blocks it is hard to make these spaces versatile yet inviting for residents to congregate as well as use these open spaces for a range of activities.

Welcome Outdure’s QwickBuild framing system and range of decking surfaces which can easily turn any dreary outdoor space into the perfect usable communal space that is hardwearing, with low maintenance. It is the perfect solution as it is easy to install, has flexibility of height and versatility in surface integration making these somewhat complex jobs a walk in the park!

Just ask, Micah Hoskin, Owner & Operator from Complete Waterproofing, he knows how complex these jobs can be, having worked in the industry for over 15 years. Having recently worked on the communal space of this older apartment block in Auckland, where the central adjoining space to the buildings was getting tired and need updating to create a more appealing space for residents to use. Micah said “this type of project would have taken 10 times longer to build and install had it not been for the use of Outdures QwickBuild framing system”. One of the main benefits of QwickBuild is, it has the flexibility to go to low heights, allowing a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, but also go up to 3 metres high. “For this apartment communal living project, it allowed us to easily build platforms, seating and integrate a combination of surfaces with ease and precision”, said Micah.

This is a great benefit of Outdure’s decking range “using the one system that can integrate different surfaces, normally interchanging different surfaces can be tricky and hard work, but with  QwickBuild  it was so easy” Micah went onto say. Integrating the different surfaces, using structural tile, Resort Deck and Ultra Plush turf in combination, is a great design aspect for this space as it helps define the different areas and allows greater flexibility for use by the residents.

When it comes to commercial outdoor spaces, Outdure has been completing commercial outdoor projects all over the world, that stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance for high traffic areas, so the outdoor spaces continue to look beautiful for years to come. For this outdoor apartment space, ResortDeck composite decking was used which combines the look of a freshly oiled timber deck with the benefits of durability, it is UV, stain & scratch resistant that is quick and easy to clean. Combine that with Outdures structural tiles that have a high commercial non slip rating, it is the perfect combination for high traffic areas that you want minimal maintenance and continue to look perfect for years to come.

For Micah at Complete Waterproofing, this project couldn’t be completed to the highest standard without the use of QwickBuild which is also Global Greentag Certified (so environmentally friendly), it “allowed us to complete this in a reasonable timeframe, ensured the deck was completely straight and allowed the integration of the different surfaces, no other system I know can deliver this type of quality and result”.

We specialise in both commercial and residential projects and also provide a free design and quote service, so contact us today if you would like help with your outdoor project.

Project type:

Communal Outdoor Space for Apartment Complex


19 Surrey Crescent

Project information:
Installed over: Concrete
Architect: Respond Architects
Construction: Complete Waterproofing

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